Our Services

Talks and seminars

Seminars, talks and workshops on a topic of the client’s interest.
Examples include:

  • Greater energy through nutrition
  • Healthy eating for busy people
  • Eating well for frequent fliers
  • Stress management through nutrition and lifestyle
  • Improving sleep naturally

On-site one-to-one staff consultations

Your employees may not always have the time to think about their diet and lifestyle. We can bring the information to them, in the workplace. Employees will complete a questionnaire, medical history and food diary prior to the consultation and they will leave with a personalised health plan and appropriate handouts.
Personalised health plans will take into account eating habits, food preferences and lifestyle. It will be based on your health goals and other factors such as age, genetic predisposition, lifestyle, existing health conditions and medication.
We can offer various packages which include several consultations to support behaviour change through staged approach.

Staff health assessments

We can conduct a range of simple tests to ensure that your staff are better informed about their health.
We measure blood pressure, height, weight and BMI, body fat% (total and visceral), body water % etc.* We explain results and provide a printout for employees to take away.

Wellbeing programmes

Tailor made, corporate wellbeing programmes. Our corporate wellbeing programmes are designed to support your wellbeing strategy and needs. It can be anything from a one-off seminar or a wellbeing day to a tailor made, corporate wellbeing programme, which includes a staff wellbeing assessment, strategy, programme definition and implementation.

Wellbeing days

We can design and host a wellbeing day for your employees and include educational sessions, group activities such as snacks tasting or individual taster consultations.


Staff wellbeing needs assessment

We can help you to establish your employees wellbeing needs through a series of confidential conversations, workshops and surveys with your employees.


Nutritional advice & menu planning

Evidence based nutritional advice to your area of focus, such as staff cafeteria, vending machines etc. We can review your current menu, identify strengths and weaknesses and suggest practical changes. Alternatively, we can create a brand new menu taking into account your health goals.

We are always happy to come to your office to explain our services with no fee or obligation.

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